Art forward combines art and finance, offering production and consulting services in the field of contemporary fine art. Our scope of activity is to advise art for private collectors and institutions.

Art Consultancy

Advisory on purchasing artworks and curatorial advice for new collectors.

Art rentals

We provide a rental service on wide variety of available artworks, including photography, limited edition prints, paintings, sculptures and installations for an opportunity to rotate art.

Exhibition Organizing

Institutional exhibition organizing and event management for corporate and private venues.


Right frame doesn’t just go around the painting, it completes an art and increase its sale value. We offer a framing service to assist you to the most of your artwork.

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Art Forward actively seeks out and represents 21st century contemporary artists. We also provide a community space for emerging artists to collaborate, communicate, and create in an open, supportive environment, one wherein artists are nurtured and inspired by fellow artists.

Our mission is to choose fresh talents early in their careers and encourage their artistic development via a series of exhibits. Each artist selected must prove the ability to bring a ‘universal message’ to their works, thus betraying a depth and soul we at Art Forward believe to be an essential quality for any artist to be truly enduring.

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Art Forward is an organic community where artists, managers and investors all participate as a whole to promote relationships between artists and the art- loving public. We are committed to the emergence and growth of an art- conscious society, that is, a society which embraces art as a tool to encourage corporate responsibility and social action. This is why Art Forward holds contemporary art educational programmes, events, and social projects where attendees gain a more philosophical insight into the meaning of contemporary art and a deeper understanding of how to judge the art they are viewing.

Kids Membership Volunteer Internship

‘Kids Forward’ is sparking creativity and the love of art. Children are the best natural philosophers, who are eager and open to understanding the world around them. This programme is a special curriculum for kids in order to experience the joy of understanding and creating art. We help kids improve their ‘cognitive skills’, such as logical and critical thinking, and guide them to evaluate and realize their creative self-awareness. Kids Forward courses enhance the confidence of kids in their creative process and instincts, and help them maintain that natural curiosity which is such a crucial element for all learning.

Art Forward runs a membership programme, which is designed to promote long- lasting relationships with our clients. Membership provides each individual with the opportunity to receive personalized information and regular updates of our events. In most cases, our members enjoy preferences and discounts over non- members when it comes to first-come event invitations and specialized art - oriented programmes (e.g. gastro events and private art performances)

Our volunteers are important members of the Art Forward community and they enjoy preference among internship applicants. Volunteers are welcome to assist us in our day-to- day operation as well as in the arrangement of events and exhibitions.

Art Forward offers apprenticeship programmes for students of junior college level or above, graduates, and post-graduates in the arts. The objective is to provide training and mentoring to the interns in managing artists as well as organizing exhibitions.

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View our past exhibitions, projects and events

December 2016

We introduced an affordable art show, a series of cultural events at the Eiffel square of Budapest. This once a month contemporary art show provides an opportunity to buy artworks regardless of their market value, its cheapest range! We open a channel for promising artists to showcase themselves to the public and sell their art outside of the institutionalized art world. Why is it worth visiting the Sunday markets? You can literally run into artists, their artworks, paintings, sketch books, smaller statuettes, drawings, prints, photos while grabbing a beer and discussing the world around us.

December 2016

Art forward presents an off-gallery exhibition programme to encourage artists exhibit outside traditional venues in order to engage more people with local contemporary arts. Currently on display in the building of the hotel Ritz Carlton Budapest the artworks of Laszlo Taubert, Arno Fabian and Marta Kucsora. According to site-specific artworks and different concepts, once a quarter a selected group of fine artist are invited to exhibit paintings, sculptures and installations.

December 2016
„This charitable wall painting project was all about spending a fun afternoon together.”

Colourful street art was made by the band Carbonfools with the cooperation of our artists for the house of the Down Syndrome Foundation in Hungary. The creative art piece contains true love, expressive communication and an important way of being, sharing and caring through the power of art. Our creative team welcomes all kinds of non-profit, community art-based movements.

December 2016

Art Project was an urban, contemporary art festival; It took place in the rooms, then under construction, of the downtown Hotel Rum. Seventy-nine artists participated on the project, exhibiting more than 267 artworks on all the six floors and 39 rooms of the empty hotel. Art Project covered a vast array of visual art from paintings, sculptures, photos and video art to installations, fashion, performance art, new media and films. Roundtable discussions, concerts, a gastro fest, art parties and guided tours completed these four days of art indulgence for the art-loving public.

December 2016

This promotional project was the combination of the Video artwork of Csaba Taczi and the lighting installations set up in Secret room. The video art presentation was followed by an electronic party.

December 2015
„I paint what surrounds me or visions which catch my eye.”

The first solo exhibition of Monika Karandi was mainly built upon her diploma artworks. “I like to paint different living areas, classic interiors, where our everyday lives happen.” Monika Karandi likes to readapt geometric forms with organic shapes and to mix different materials like sand or textile with paint.

December 2015

This project could not have come into existence without the cooperation of the gastro team, ‘Konyhakör’. The concept of the Roundtable Exhibition was to create a private gallery show for only invited members. The private exhibition alongside the gastro dinner was hosted by a curator who shared titbits about and insights into both the artists as well as the works of art presented.

December 2014

Art Forward Show No. I. was a pop-up exhibition which lasted three weeks in the popular downtown area of Budapest. Recently the team of curators visited the University of Fine Arts of Budapest to scout new talent among hundreds of students. Twenty- five young artists were selected to present their artworks for the first time to the public. We were delighted to collaborate with such a diverse group of students and gain an insight into their early-age artistic careers.

December 2016

“Nature is accidentally free and fluctuating, I want to freeze those moments on my canvas”. Currently exhibited Márta Kucsora has been exhibiting her paintings throughout Europe and overseas since 2006.  At that time, she started to develop a unique, abstract imagery of “flow” painting which she depicts on canvases of significant size. Over the years, Marta has refined her own artistic vocabulary and renounced her brush to experiment with alternative techniques that became her personal artistic signature. Consequently, she sprinkles, splatters, then moves the canvas around to guide the paint drips what becomes challenging to distinguish. When we look at the paintings we can objectively see Kucsora’s artistic style of elements merging form figurative depiction into abstraction. Colour thesis, movements, shapes, textures all the subject matters are represented which are inspired by nature components such as plants, flowers, symmetry, repetition, growth and logical development. In Marta’s words: “Nature is accidentally free and fluctuating, I want to freeze those moments on my canvases”. The interpretation of these breath-taking paintings evolves from a strong connection between consciousness and unconsciousness, just like it happens in nature and art. The ideal of expressing such opponents represents a creative act itself. The beauty of nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect it. Marta’s artworks raise awareness for our living nature around us and helps us to create a dialogue in-between our civilisation and the world. The randomness of life, just like the paint drips on the canvases are happening in front of us, which provokes us to think and appreciate humanity living in harmony with nature. Above all, the “fluctuating realm” series is not just spectacular but monumental as well, thereby creating a physical reaction to the viewers towards art and forces us to look at life.



Art Forward is a contemporary, fine art dealer company, set up in Budapest in 2014 with the aim of selecting new and meaningful artworks from the Central European region. Art Forward is an innovative, new approach to art, combining a creative studio, exhibition gallery and educational lab with a platform for investment and return. We concentrate on visual art as well as on a community based approach to enhance new collectors.

We represent emerging contemporary fine artists, focusing on the primary art market, with the emphasis on paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, video art, new media art and periodically on community art and land art. Art Forward’s artists mission is to choose fresh talents early in their careers and encourage their artistic development via a series of exhibits. Therefore, we strive to promote a group of emerging artists through private or collectively-managed exhibitions, residential programmes, off-site projects, workshops and lectures. Each of our selected artist must prove the cognitive ability to think depth, bring a ‘universal message’ to their works of art, thus we at Art Forward believe to be an essential quality for any artist to be truly enduring to the art world.

Although managing art covers many fields which must be done in a collaborative manner, in the life of Art Forward Sophie is more the ‘art’ side while Annamaria is the ‘manager.’

"We can help our clients to judge and come to more established decisions when selecting the desirable, early works of art. Because it is clear and a pity that "filler" art on the art market are expanding, so a much stronger selection would be needed on an early basis."
Sophie Deri
"Price is not everything. Quality judgment cannot be based on the selling price. Sky-high auction prices these days can be blamed for the growing bubble phenomenon and for huge losses which might materialize at later auctions. A more balanced art market is our goal."
Annamaria Mahr




We are happy to work with many socially conscious companies who have the goodwill to support Hungarian art and projects. When you partner with local arts, you partner with a positive movement and progressive social conscience in your city. Businesses who contribute to art help their company reach new customers, enhance brand identity and create a more dynamic community. Thanks for supporting Art Forward youth arts programs.

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