Vedres Agnes


n.a. Photography 2014

Dogs in hurry

n.a. Photography

Flower blower

n.a. Photography

Happy bicycle

n.a. Photography 2009

High heels

n.a. Photography

Love and glass

n.a. Photography

Mystical lake

n.a. Photography

Mystical landscape

n.a. Photography

Oh that night

n.a. Photography

Poppies series 1

n.a. Photography

Poppies series 2

n.a. Photography

Poppies series 3

n.a. Photography

Strange talk

n.a. Photography

Swan tryptichon

n.a. Photography

Tv watchers

n.a. Photography 2013
Solo Exhibitions


i don’t know where i’m going, North-South-East-West, Liget Gallery, Budapest


Mme BonBON represents, Historia Femina, TELEP Gallery, Budapest

The First CANDYFLOOS of Pomegranate, Budapest


INSTAMAKARMA, Castro Bistro, Budapest


hey, Boys, Mai Manó House, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest


guten Morgen Schnee, Künstlerhaus, Landesatelier, Salzburg, (A)


NIGHT, Újlipótváros Club Gallery, Budapest

Twin Curtains, Lamar Tea Club, Budapest


The “Golden Pigs” Press the Bell with their Snouts, No1 Chinese Restaurant, Budapest

First Series of Immortal GREATS, Színhely Gallery, Budapest



ArtMarket Budapest 2016, International Contemporary Art Fair, Budapest

Transfer Series, Leroy Brothers, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Paris (F)

Pictures and Pixels-Photographic Art-and Beyond, Kunsthalle, Budapest

Teleportation, Leroy Brothers, Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai (CH)

Reclaim Photography West Midlands 2016, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, (UK)

Elusive, XX. Esztergom Photography Biennial 2016, B32 Gallery and Cultural Place, Budapest

Cafe Analog, Budapest


Living-Spaces, kArton Gallery, Budapest

ArtMarket Budapest 2015, International Contemporary Art Fair, Budapest

Young Kertész, Young Hungarians, L’Accademia D’Ungheria in Roma, Istituto Balassi, Rome (IT)

Charity Auction for Artbazis Foundation and for the Continuation of the Intellectual Legacy of Balázs

Telek, Inda Gallery, Budapest


Lakatlan, Rétrospective des Tenties, La Maison Pelgrims, Pelgrims Huis, Bruxelles (B)

Artplacc, Contemporary Art and Design Festival, Tihany

ArtMarket Budapest 2014, International Contemporary Art Fair, Budapest

Instart, kArton Gallery, Budapest

Young Kertesz and Young Hungarians, Galerie STP, Art Gallery, Greifswald (D)


Les Frankolóres, Visions de Afrique, A38, Budapest

Town-Place-Picture, Örökmozgó Filmmuseum, Budapest

Random:13, Design Terminal, Budapest

Here and Now, The alchemy of Polaroid, REÖK Palace, Szeged

Oh, Snap! Carnegie Museum of Art Forum Gallery, Pittsburgh, (USA)

Invisible Presence, Näkymättömän läsnäolo, Movinggalery, Sárospatak, Szentendre

János Kmetty Gallery, Budapest

Display, B29 Gallery, Budapest

Portas Abertas, Open Doors, Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora (P)

Young Kertesz & Young Hungarians, Longroom Gallery, Athens (GR)


Exhibition of Photo Competition for Centenary of St. Stephen Bath and Indoor Swimming Pool, Danube Museum European Middle Gallery, Esztergom

Polaroid 65, Hungarian Photography House of Kecskemét, Kecskemét

Danube Open Book Photo Competition, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest

Random, Hungarian House of Photography, Mai Manó House, Budapest

Exhibiton of Photo Competition for Centenary of St. Stephen Bath and Indoor Swimming Pool, Cultural Centre of Párkány, Párkány (SR)

Norpas Festival, Näkymättömän läsnäolo, Osynlig närvaro, Invisible Presence Bio Pony, Kemiönsaari, Dalsbruk-Taalintehdas (SF)

XVIII. Photography Biennial of Esztergom, POLAROID, Castle Museum and Gallery, Esztergom

Month of Photography 2012, FAUST II., Fiction and Reality in the Contemporary Photography, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Month of Photography 2012, POLAROID 65, Kolta Gallery, Budapest

ArtMarket Budapest 2012, International Contemporary Art Fair, Budapest

Negyed6 Negyed7 Festival, Pict’Oral Project, Massolit Books and Café, Budapest


Attention, Artbázis, Budapest

JAK Picnic, Hungarian House of Photography, Mai Manó House, Budapest

Poszt, FogasHáz, Budapest

Lomo/Film/Movie, Szatyor Bar and Gallery, Budapest

Hope, XV. Faludi International Amateur Film Competiton and Photo Competition 2011, Budapest

Winter Photo and Book Sale, Hungarian House of Photography, Mai Manó House, Budapest


Experience in every point of view! Palace of Arts, Budapest

Sándor Petőfi‘s Mustache Memory Competition and Exhibition, Tűzraktér, Budapest

III. Ágens Photo Auction and Exhibition, Ágens Photographic Art Gallery, Budapest

Shop Window, Gozsdu, TELEP, Budapest

Foretaste, Hungarian Cultural Centre of Prague (TCH)

Everything for Sale, Photo Fair in Mai Manó Book Shop, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest


Closer to Beyond, Galleria_Studio44, Genova (IT)

Museo D’Arte Contemporanea, Casa del Console, Calice Ligure (IT)

Fotófalu, Photo Village, Hungarian House of Photography, Mai Manó House, Budapest

Light, Boulevard&Brezsnyev Gallery, Budapest


East-European Digital Message, Kaposart, 6th Middle-East European Postcard, Vaszary Art Gallery, Kaposvár

PigArt, Chinese Characters Contemporary Art Space, Budapest

East-European Digital Message 2., Pécs Gallery & Visual Arts Workshop, Pécs

ForteForever, Exhibition No.1, Photographs on FORTE papers, Hungarian House of Photography, Mai Manó House, Budapest

Symbiosis, Etnofoto, KÉK, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, Budapest

Fashion, Színhely Gallery, Budapest

Europe of Culture, Culture of Urbanity, Valley of Arts, Taliándörögd, Győr, Miskolc, Eger, VOLT Festival, Sopron, Pula, Gödör, Budapest, Sziget Festival, Budapest

ForteForever, Kayabacho, Tokyo (JPN)

6th Lumix Digital Photo Competition and Exhibition, Museum of Ethnography, Budapest


Variations for Disc, Society of Downtown Artists, Nádor Gallery, Budapest


International Mail Day, Middle-East European Postcard, Kaposvár

Mail Art Exhibition, Somogy County Cultural Centre, Kaposvár

3,5 inches, Club for Young Artist, FMK, Budapest


Women Light Up The Night, Video and Slide Festival, Tacheles Berlin Mitte, Berlin (D)


I. National Grotesque Competition, Kaposvár

„IKAGIKA” Gallery by Night, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest


Middle-East European Postcard, Photo, Painting and Video Installation Exhibition, Kapos Art Gallery, Kaposvár

Awards and Scholarships


First Prize, “Everything but the City” national photography competition, FotóFalu (PhotoVillage), Budapest


Scholarship of Budapest Gallery – Salzburg Landesregierung, Salzburg


Special Prize of the Directorate of Museums of Pest County – Kossuth Museum, Cegléd

Works at collections

Hungarian House of Photography in Mai Manó House, Budapest, Hungary

Kossuth Museum, Cegléd, Hungary