Ludovic Thiriez

I attended in an art school is France. It showed me different directions, it provided me with tools to prepare myself to be able to create my inner world. However, when you start creating something that gains recognition I guess that is the right turning point when your work becomes an artwork. My main subject is painting, drawing and installation. In my artworks I like to depict childhood memories, nostalgic sceneries with a hint of kitsch. I have to find the proper input and output and control the limits. It is like a ’when do I stop game’. All of my paintings have grey backgrounds, plain minimal unfinished surrounding and in the focus of the picture there is a nostalgic moment. It can be like a dream or an old photography when only one part of the picture is sharp. For example, children playing with vivid colourful flower and bird decorations. I like to clash contradictions, for example when you say ‘darkness is coming from the sky’. Another instance when I put together the tropical Brazilian forest motifs and the Hungarian flower motifs. Behind this is the fact that I used to live in Brazil for a few years and now I currently live and work in Hungary. So I always adapt and pick my inspiration from my surrounding. The environmental visual effects of the paintings are an outstanding element in my pictures. When I receive feedback from my audience I have already reached my artistic goal, whether it is negative or positive. Reaction is essential to create artwork.

children's game

130x90 cm oil on canvas

crash of the golden plane

130x90 cm oil on canvas

Deep waters

116x104 cm oil on canvas 2015

Falling night

50x60cm oil on canvas


130x170 cm oil on canvas

Hide and seek

140x90cm oil on canvas

Le radeau

104x76cm oil on canvas 2015

My gold crocodile

133x76 cm oil on canvas

Prologue 4

100x120 cm oil on canvas 2011


150x150cm oil and acryl on canvas 2014


130x170cm oil and acryl on canvas 2014

Prologue 21

150x148 cm oil and acryl on Canvas 2014

Souris verte

40x50cm oil on canvas

The bath

50x60 cm oil on canvas


110x140 cm oil on canvas 2014

Alice et la souris verte

140x190 oil on canvas


140x190cm Oil on canvas

Dream of blue cow

120x170 cm Oil on canvas 2014

Enfant assis

50x60 cm oil on canvas 2014

Hunting game

90x90 cm oil on canvas

Love story

90x90 cm oil on canvas

Prologue 16

142x93 cm mixed medias on canvas 2012

Prologue 25

150x150cm oil on canvas

Prologue 26

100x200 cm oil on canvas

Christmas ride

56x76 cm oil on paper 2014

girl an snake

50x70 cm oil on canvas

Gold crocodile

56x76 cm oil on paper 2014

Laughing goat

56x76cm oil on paper 2014

Still Life 1

56x76cm oil on paper 2014

Still Life 2

56x76 cm oil on paper 2014

Still Life 3

56x76 cm oil on paper 2014

Still Life 4

56x76 cm oil on paper 2014

Still Life 5

56x76 cm oil on paper 2014

prologue 27

164x120cm Oil and acryl on canvas


Fine art School of Budapest, Painting programm


Ecole Superieure des sciences commerciales d’Angers - ESSCA


Private School for drawing and paintings - Ecole de dessin Newman, Metz

Solo Exhibition


"Brody Art Yard portrait project” with Rogerio Mesquita


"Centro Cultural Octo Marques, Prologuo", Goiania, (BRA)


Héviz Museum


"French institute June-September 2010/ Retrospective of 2 years in Budapest", Budapest (HUN)


Paris, company BI-SAM (sponsorship occasion)

Brody House (permanent exhibition)


"Euromed Event" - Gödör, Budapest (HUN)

Paris Show room galery Griesmar Tamer

Lille salle d’exposition temporaire Clément Marot

Group Exhibition


New york, Leonard Tourné Gallery

"Dream Hunters" - Latarka Galéria, Budapest


Art Market Budapest


Tofiq House Sao Paulo


Ateliê Hermes Sao Paulo


Foire Européenne d’art contemporain St –Art galerie Boyrié


Lisabirds beach Gallery, curated by Lisa kandlhofer - Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria

Lisabird am Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna


Permanent exhibition at Brody House

2010 / 2011

Lisabird, Art collective, Vienna


Art Market Budapest with the curratrice Anna Grundberg


"M[ei]DE - Tüzraktér

Brody Sandor Open Studio

Exhibition: Salon off de la photographie contemporaine, ateliers Richelieu Paris


Brody Sandor Open Studio (Alexander Tinei, Etienne De Fleurieu, Bullet Shih)